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Dryer Vent Wizard focuses on cleaning, servicing and installation of new dryer vents. Besides dryer vent cleaning service they help to ‘pre-vent’ dangerous situations in the laundry area, consisting of environmental hazards like mold, dust, and most imperative, dryer fires. Doug Bittner has owned Dryer Vent Wizard of Northern Virginia since 2006.

Education is a valuable component of the Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard’s service. Clients are given the best quality dryer vent service available in the industry. They gain worthwhile information to keep their family free from danger while cutting down energy bills and optimizing dryer performance.

Dryer Vent Wizard contractors can distinguish problems and make necessary adjustments to optimize air flow needed for a dryer to operate safely and efficiently. The Wizard has all the instruments and components needed to accomplish the entire job in one day, from dryer vent cleaning and repair to professional dryer vent installation as directed by today’s safety specifications.

Over 80 % of American homes have clothes dryers and only 20 % of people realize the value of dryer vent cleaning service. Over 17,000 dryer fires happen every year, leading to deaths, injuries and over $100 million in property damage with failing to clean dryer vents reported as the leading cause. The Wizard’s intention is to increase public recognition even if they don’t decide to have work carried out the day of the appointment.

Homeowners who have dryer vent service handled by the Wizard get peace of mind realizing their dryer is running safely and efficiently. Dryer vent cleaning helps prevent fires, reduces energy expenses, lengthens the life of the dryer, wards off mold and mildew damage to homes, prevents carbon monoxide poisoning with gas dryers and improves dryer performance. Competent dryer vent installation by the Wizard provides a safe dryer vent system installed in compliance with current building and safety regulations to suit the dryer manufacturer’s warranty.

Unlike other dryer vent cleaning companies, the Wizard ( takes 2 to 3 hours on each job to ensure everything is performed the right way and the job site is spotless when they are done. The job is not finalized until the customer knows how their dryer vent system operates and the way to ensure it is sufficiently cared for in the future.

It’s not an issue that comes about regularly, but potentially a home or business owner might find themselves in need of a Burnsville electrician. Lighting and power help keep things working properly so it’s a critical function of every home or business. Some DIY enthusiasts are capable of doing simple electrical repairs, like put up a light or put in a socket; however, in many cases, electrical installation should be only be undertaken by a certified and qualified electrical expert.

With all the Burnsville electrical service providers marketed on the web, locating one is not too hard, but selecting the best electrician for the task does call for some initiative. Get started by questioning folks you know for recommendations then proceed to do a bit of research.

Do an internet search of the electricians who you will consider for the job. Besides looking at their website, check into other reliable online sources like Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau. Look at client reviews and learn if the electrician has any unsettled problems documented by previous customers.

Consulting Electricians
Call the referred electricians and ask about things like length of time in operation, if they are licensed and insured, if they are available to start immediately and if they can give a satisfactory warranty.

Acquiring a Price quote from the Burnsville Electrician

As soon as you decide on a few electricians who you think you can work with the next action it to contact them to explain the project. The primary thing to ask if they can do the specific electrical repairs or installing needed and if they would be interested in the work. For example, a large electrical professional that provides services for new commercial construction may refuse a smaller, household electrical repair.

Have the electrician do an inspection with you and talk about thoroughly what you desire and what they feel should be done. Explain your goal and communicate your issues. Make use of this time to obtain a feel for how the electrical contractor communicates with you. If you are not relaxed with the electrician, you are not indebted to employ him. It is important that you have faith in the electrician in your home and that you comprehend the details decided upon once you contract him for the task.

See how long the electrical repairs will take and get an idea of how much money it will cost. This price may vary slightly when they write a thorough estimation itemizing the cost of material and labor, but they should be close.

Choosing the Right Burnsville Electrician to Work with
Once all the proposals are in place, scrutinize them for overall price and detail. A rather low proposal might look attractive, but can also be a bad sign. Be cautious of incredibly low bids since this is a common bait and switch tactic used by several unscrupulous home service providers. Cutting corners with your electrical components is not a great idea. If you feel that you can rely on the low bidder, then ask them how they can work a great deal cheaper than the electrical contractors that you have quotes from.

Meanwhile, if the electrician who impressed you the most, interacted well, paid attention to all your needs, seemed to understand what he was doing, yet also furnished the highest bid, ask him to justify it. He should be happy to explain what makes one electrician more expensive than the others.

Picking an electrician is much more than just what your budget enables. Electrical repairs or new installation is a project you really want done right to ensure safety in your home. You want to make certain the electrician you work with is reliable and pays close attention to every detail.

Animal lovers have a higher threat of dryer vent obstructions due to pet hair

San Rafael, CA — The Dryer Vent Cleaning San Rafael Wizard is promoting an imperative message to dog and cat lovers. The honest truth about these wonderful furry friends is that animal hair integrated with dryer lint is a major fire hazard.

Rhonda Nole, owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, talks about the increased risk of a dryer fire occurring in houses with pets. Pet hair will wind itself around lint and dust to develop a bigger and denser blockage in the dryer vent system. Tumbling items that have more potential of collecting pet hair like clothing, blankets, towels and pet bedding can raise the amount of lint that obstructs dryer vents and inhibits airflow.

Dryer lint accumulation ( is the major cause of dryer fires. Integrate the already present hazard with animal hair and the probability of experiencing a dryer fire rises significantly. Excess build-up of pet hair will generate a larger blockage in the vent line to inhibit dryer performance and cause the dryer to get too hot.

The San Rafael Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard blends service with education to help people recognize the urgency of professional dryer maintenance. He makes it a point to know if his customers have animals so he can pass on the added warning about pet hair.

People with several pets should have their dryer vent cleaned more frequently. The Wizard works in homes and businesses, apartments and condo units, pet sanctuaries and beauty parlors, and anyone running a clothes dryer. Whether fuel powered or electrical, home or commercial, all dryers need a Wizard!

Dryer Vent Wizard ( concentrates on dryer duct cleaning, dryer vent repair and original dryer vent installation for homes and businesses. Dryer vents is they do so they are the pros to rely on for dryer vent service.

About Dryer Vent Wizard:
Dryer Vent Wizard, founded in 2004, is a member of the National Fire Protection Association and the top establishment of dryer vent cleaning, repair, installation and alternation technicians in the U.S. with more than 60 franchisees in primary markets. Franchisees pursue a common goal to increase public awareness about the importance of dryer vent cleaning to minimize dryer fires and save energy. Customer education and mentoring while making clothes dryers safer and more efficient are the core focus of the Wizard.


Dryer Vent Wizard of the Greater North Bay Area
Rhonda Nole
PO Box 7625
Cotati, CA 94931
Phone: 707-326-7171
Toll Free: 888-676-6142

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Lots of people know to keep the lint filter clean; but, few are aware of the importance of dryer vent cleaning service to reduce certain dangers like dryer fire, mold and mildew damage and carbon monoxide with gas dryers

The Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard integrates service with education to teach people the urgency of proper dryer maintenance. Many people know to clear the lint filter after each load of laundry, however few understand the importance of regularly scheduled dryer vent cleaning service. According to top appliance manufacturers, a dryer duct really should be inspected and professionally cleaned once a year.

A blocked dryer vent can bring about various dryer related threats including a dryer fire, mold and mildew problems in the home, mold related ailments and irritation for people who suffer from allergies, higher energy costs and harm to the dryer. Appropriate maintenance performed by the Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard will definitely minimize the hazard and enhance dryer efficiency.

The Dryer Vent Cleaning Wizard will carry out a comprehensive dryer vent inspection and airflow test, pinpoint issues and offer a remedy. Around 90% of appliance fires are dryer related and an obstructed dryer vent is the primary cause of dryer fires. The possibility is the same for gas or electric dryers. In fact, newer, more energy efficient dryers will permit lint build-up in the vent line and necessitate dryer vent cleaning service.

Fire is the most significant hazard with an obstructed dryer vent, but service techs with Dryer Vent Wizard also advise consumers with gas dryers of a carbon monoxide threat. Proper dryer vent installation and expert dryer vent cleaning service eradicates blockages to reestablish sufficient ventilation of harmful carbon monoxide gases.

According to the owner of Dryer Vent Wizard, there are various advantages to professional dryer vent cleaning service like fire prevention, energy efficiency and improved dryer performance. Dryer vent cleaning by the Wizard gets rid of lint and dirt obstructing the dryer vent to promote adequate air flow through the venting equipment.

Dryer Vent Wizard is the most certified dryer vent firm in the U.S. with over 60 business locations. They offer business and household dryer vent service, dryer vent inspection and maintenance, dryer vent repair and new dryer vent installation. Experience peace of mind; call the Wizard for an inspection and service.

About Dryer Vent Wizard:
Dryer Vent Wizard, established in 2004, is affiliated with the National Fire Protection Association and the most well-known chain of dryer vent cleaning, repair, installation and service providers in the U.S. with more than 60 franchisees in major market areas. Dryer Vent Wizard technicians’ aspiration is to promote understanding about the value of dryer vent cleaning to decrease the hazard associated with poorly vented clothes dryers and to help use less energy. Teaching customers while executing a service to enhance dryer safety and efficiency are the Wizard’s dominant focal point

Retirement aged homeowners demand more and they deserve it according to the local handyman who is passionate about modifying the home develop mobility, accessibility and safety


The handyman and bathroom remodeling specialist says that aging homeowners deserve better. Today, seniors who are dealing with impairments yearn to go on living in comfort and independently in their own house instead of relocating to a retirement community. Regrettably, many do not know who to resort to for solutions to customize their residence and boost mobility.


Thankfully, the local handyman and home remodeling specialist has an economical and workable solution. HandyPro Handyman Service offers customized home modification, featuring comprehensive bathroom remodeling with walk in tubs and wheel in showers. Furthermore, the Certified Aging in Place Specialist puts in access ramps and staircase lifts, hardwood floors and more for people who can no longer occupy their house as it is presently designed.


Aaron Abbott, owner of HandyPro Handyman Service is devoted to helping senior citizens and people who are handicapped. The handyman is people-focused, not product-focused and he will provide a complete home examination and free quote for a variety of services involving tailored wheel chair and service ramps, kitchen makeover and safety adaptations like entrance door widening, light alarm systems, doorbells and fire safety adaptations to name a few.


Thorough bathroom remodeling is his most featured field of concentration, with walk in bathtubs and roll-in showers, sink and plumbing modifications, cabinet adjustments and additions.


Seniors and elderly homeowners trust the handyman to supply tailored solutions for independent living. The certified, bonded and insured handyman is experienced with all sorts of home modification such as complete kitchen and bath remodeling, walk in bathtubs, wheel in showers, grab bars, towel bars and accessories. Abbott has the knowledge to take care of all jobs, large and small, with focus on detail.


About HandyPro Handyman Service:

HandyPro Handyman Service introduces affordable answers to a variety of home repairs comprising of customized home redesigning for seniors, kitchen overhaul, bathroom renovation, home improvement and home additions, seasonal maintenance and a lot more. Since identifying an increasing need for senior home modification, particularly bathroom changes with walk in tubs, roll-in showers, sturdy safety rails and solid surface flooring, all HandyPro ( contractors have become Certified Aging in Place Specialists who follow the criteria enacted by the American Disability Act. HandyPro has been in business since 1996 and is a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.

All homes have appliances which play important roles in performing daily chores. Regular check on these appliances by experienced repair man is important in order to make sure they are functioning efficiently. Failure to do so, you will incur huge bills that are associated with replacing your existing systems with new ones. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that all your home appliances are in good condition so that you can live a comfortable and stress free life. more


Washing rubber-backed materials can induce troubles by placing included strain on a washer as well as potentially triggering out of balance loads. On top of that, the rubber support could break down and also different, infiltrating the clean system congesting hoses, pumps, filters and valves. At the very first indicator of wear of the support, you need to discontinue washing it.

Any water leakage ought be addressed immediately. Water could damage bearings, electric motors as well as the transmission. Very first try to find dripping tubes, if you can not figure out where the leak is, call a solution technician.

Uncommon noises need to be addressed promptly. A screaming or grinding sound could lead to a water leakage or additional considerable damages.

Just before cleaning brassieres, look for worn edges. The under cords regularly divide from the garment as well as source major harm to the cleaning machine and clothes dryer elements.

Heavy clothing such as pants and towels ought to be expanded over two or additional lots. These fabrics soak up great deals of water and can place included pressure on the device.

The water taps for the washing machine must be turned off when the washing equipment is not being used. Many rubber fill hoses are not indicated to resist constant water tension and can burst. If in an awkward position as well as challenging to get to, buy high pressure, entwined metal supply lines.

Some home appliances require a bit even more detailed upkeep than what the typical house owner can provide. For instance, your ac unit must have the Freon degree tested as well as billed to keep it going for peak effectiveness. This requires a licensed expert with the proper training to collaborate with these chemicals. It’s also a great idea to check belts, filters, electric motors, air flow and lubrication of the device to make certain that every little thing is running properly. While you might manage to execute some of this maintenance– filters, as an example– you probably do not have the training or know-how to service your system entirely.

Shield your home appliance financial investment and get one of the most from the systems you pick for your home. With the best care and interest, several devices should last for several years. A fridge or fridge freezer might last around Twenty Years as well as a cleaning device could possibly last for about 15 years with the best care.

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The increasing dependency on appliance in any household has increased the chances of their sudden breakdowns which have to be amended as soon as possible. Some of the people who know how are versed with DIY tips can amend the damaged home appliances themselves. But those who are not familiar with DIY tips or do not have time to repair their damaged appliances usually go on finding an honest appliance repairman to resume their proper functioning.

Why finding an honest appliance repairman?

Most of the times breakdown in appliances occur due to defect in any of their mechanical or electrical parts which need some technical knowledge to repair them. If the damage happened due to some simple reason like disconnection of wire etc. then you can repair it yourself. But if there is some critical and complicated damage like overheating of its motor etc. then it may not be possible for you to repair them yourself unless you are a professional repairman. In such condition getting an honest appliance repairman can be good option for you to make them ready to serve you again.

How to find an honest appliance repairman?

Extensive search: While finding an reliable appliance repairman you should start your search through various resources and list out three or four of them to finalize one as per your selection criteria. You should contact them one by one, after short listing them, to compare their features. In this way you can hire a repairman who is able to provide the maximum services at minimum price with warranty as he will be the honest and the best person for repairing your appliances.

Focus on their experience and reputation: Qualification, reputation and experience of the repairman should be among the main criteria of finding an experienced and honest appliance repairman. You should not focus on the price only but also consider their knowledge and reputation in the market. Usually those who charge less from their customers do frauds with them which can considerably increase their cost.

Search through referrals: You can also consult your family, friends and colleagues for finding such an authentic appliance repairman as appliance repair is a common problem these days and any of them might have experienced it in recent past. You can use their experiences to repair your appliances whenever required.

Licensed and insured: Moreover while finding an reliable home appliance repairman you should check his credentials. He must be certified and licensed by a competent authority to provide this kind of services publicly. Most of the licensed repairmen are reliable as they provide warranty on their services. They repair your appliances free of repair cost if they do not function properly within a stipulated time period for the same reason. If they do not do so then you can file complaint with the authorities to take action against him. The repairman you choose should also be insured so that you can claim compensation for any serious damage caused to your property while working on your appliance.

Thus while finding an honest appliance repairman you should follow the steps stated above carefully.


The life of people becomes easy by using different types of appliances for different purposes. The appliances tend to break down so for repairing it you need to find a repairing service company. One such popularly used appliance is the oven. Oven is been considered as the best friend of the cook because it helps the cooks to make tasty and delicious recipes for their loved ones. Here, are few of the things which you should look for finding a great oven repair service for your oven.


1. Get Referrals:

You should try to get referrals from your acquaintances and friends to find a good oven repair service company. If someone is recommending you about a particular company from which he/she has received good repair services and price then you should try considering that company. If your oven is giving you are real problem then you should try to get more and more referrals from people in order to get best service.

2. Consider License and Insurance:

Before choosing an oven repair service for yourself, you should first try to look at their license and should also try to find out whether it is insured. You should not choose the company which is not licensed and insured. You should also see that the company has a valid license number.

3. Check out the Time of the Company’s Existence:

Before choosing an oven repair service, you should first try to find out that for how long it is in business. You should go for the company which is more reputable.

4. Check Out Internet Directors:

You should look out at the internet directories and see whether the name of the company is present in it or not. You should check out directories like,, Google maps and yahoo local. For instance, you should choose that company whose name is present in the directories.

5. Consider Advertising of the Company:

Before choosing a repair service, you should first check out if the company which you are choosing conducts large-scale advertising. If the company is conducting a large-scale advertising then it is very likely that it is spending a large amount of money in advertising. Most of these companies acquire money for the advertising from its customer by charging higher fee. You should avoid such firms.

6. Talk to The Technician: Before choosing a firm, you should first enquire about the technician who will be working on your appliance. You should talk freely to the technician about the appliance issues.

For Oven Repair